Detroit-based percussion group Rela is unlike any group working in music today. Rela's music seamlessly combines world rhythms with jazz harmony into a unique blend that is both complex and playful. The group is dedicated to exploring the styles and textures of all percussion instruments. By utilizing the marimba, vibraphone, steel pan, congas, drum set, tabla, and many others, Rela has cultivated a new concept of what it means to be a percussion quartet. 

Founding Members Patrick Fitzgibbon and Drew Parent have been making music together since they were in high school. After years of studying, gigging, traveling and teaching in different areas of the percussion world, they have come together to fuse their musical experiences and create a unique sound.

After writing and recording their first album, Pat and Drew knew that they needed to bring in a couple more members as to be able to perform Rela's music live and also bring some more creative juice to the group. Mike List and Thom Monks, both serious percussionists in their own right, have filled out the group and now Rela is ready to take on touring, writing, and recording more new music. For more information on RELA's schedule, recordings, and more please click HERE.



DJ Duo

DJ Duo consists of Drew Parent (Vibraphone) and Johannes Ronquillo (Bass) and performs Jazz, Blues, Funk, Latin, and Pop standards. The group performs at restaurants, breweries, bars, festivals and local events. They are also available for private parties. Their repertoire list includes tunes by Miles Davis, Chick Corea, Thelonious Monk, Herbie Hancock,The Beatles, Dave Mathews Band, Stevie Wonder and Billy Joel. Click here to watch a promo video of the group.  





GreenAcre Sessions (GAS) is a Toledo based group consisting of Drew Parent (Drums/Percussion), Jason Black (Guitar/Vocals), Adam Tansey (Lead Guitar), and Zak Huttner (Bass). The group centers itself around the sounds of rock, funk, blues, and soul through the performance of original and cover songs. The band performers primarily in the Toledo area but is looking to expand their fan base in 2017. For more information on upcoming shows and new recordings, please check out their Facebook page here.