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What Do Betting Odds Mean? An Advanced Guide To Deciphering Different Types Of Odds In Betting

You can also work out fractional odds if you know the moneyline odds. The simplest way is to divide the moneyline Odds by 100 for positive odds or vice versa for negative odds. The standard odds display is US odds, but it’s good to grasp decimal odds and fractional odds too. So there you have it, a quick and easy guide on how read esports betting odds.

If you place a wager of $10 on 9.0 odds, you would have $80 in winnings. Hockey is a game where goals are difficult to come by, and the scoreboard doesn’t light up as we see in other sports . For this reason, every goal is precious, and it can lead to the juice varying wildly based on how big of a favorite or underdog a given team is.

In the past odds tended to be monopolised and fixed firmly in the bookies’ favour. In the modern world of esports betting, there’s so much competition that the odds have never been fairer. Odds can be displayed in multiple forms, with the three most popular forms today being decimal, fractional and American. A negative money line is indicated with a ‘-‘ in front of a number, like -230. The number represents the amount of money that would need to be wagered in order to win $100 in profit. So, a -230 money line would require a wager of $230 to win $100 more, for a total payout of $330 ($230 wager + $100 profit).

The essence of the zero handicap is that the player will win if the team on which he bet wins, and get a refund if the match ends in a draw. Handicap is a bet on the victory of a particular team with some adjustment. The handicap is added to the final result, and if the final result is in favor of the selected team, the bet wins. Since right now there is still a lot up in the air and a lot of potential for things to shift, everyone is pretty much considered an underdog. However, as an example let’s say you want to make a wager that the Ravens (currently +220) will win. Every $100 bet, in this case, would turn a profit of $220 in return if they win.

Here is an example of a standard parlay payout table for up to five teams using -110 odds for each bet (bet $110 to win $100). Remember, in a two-team parlay, both teams have to win for the parlay to win. The odds for favorites are accompanied by a minus (-) sign, indicating the amount you need to stake to win $100. When you’re looking at a line for point spread betting, the handicap won’t be the only number associated with the bet.

In our example of a college football point spread, each side of the spread comes with a -110 line, the industry standard. Because not all teams are equal in quality, the point spread is how sportsbooks even out the competition from a betting perspective. When two teams are matched evenly, oddsmakers will still label one as a favorite and the other as an underdog for wagering purposes. Online betting presents a range of options, from conventional markets to more exotic ones. However, point spread betting is one of the more traditional ways to wager.

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